AGILE Data Sites Helps Emergency Communication Commission Focus on Fighting Fires, and not on IT

Dispatch Center to 34 fire districts experiences near 100% uptime since 2013

The Background

While many fire fighters around the country are volunteers, a mid-west emergency communication commission (ECC) operates a bit differently. They are all professionals. Further, while fire departments are county funded, this ECC is paid for by the local communities themselves in what is referred to as “fire protection districts.”

This ECC’s fire fighters are utilized all over the country, including more than 800 individuals that went to assist FEMA rescue and relief efforts for Hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy. These districts all rely on one centralized dispatch facility. 

Agile Data Sites

Company Profile:
AGILE Data Sites delivers highly secure networks, data centers and managed services throughout the US.

The Challenge

The typical volunteer-run fire house may only use back office systems like Google’s free email accounts to communicate and share department information. However, because this ECC’s fire districts are run like small to medium-sized businesses with their own budgets, staffing, and jurisdictions, they each require their own internet domain, email and back office applications to support better communications and compliance. Fire districts are not usually places where they can obtain and retain the appropriate level of staff resources to maintain networks and domains, much less Exchange servers and data bases.

While the centralized dispatch facility was well-versed in running a dispatch organization, when it comes to IT, there are limited staff and resources available. Further, when emergencies strike, the last thing they need is to be dealing with IT situations. They needed an effective, reliable, and compliant email system to facilitate communication for these districts. They needed the back end to be as effortless as possible. Enter Intermedia partner, AGILE Data Sites (AGILE).

AGILE specializes in building and providing highly available private cloud solutions in public safety and other industries and has partnered with Intermedia to provide applications over AGILE’s highly available, secure and reliable networks. Furthermore, since AGILE provides 24x7 monitoring and support and backs their services with 99.999% service level agreements, Intermedia was one of the only partners that could supply solutions appropriately in support of AGILE’s high availability requirements. 

The Solution

The centralized dispatch facility was looking to outsource all communications-related services. They needed something they could set and forget. AGILE went to work building a robust public safety network.

The Director of IT for this AGILE client explains: “AGILE and Intermedia make IT effortless and reliable. We get quality cloud communications services, coupled with great support. As a result, all the districts are benefiting from the same cloud services and experience by using Intermedia through AGILE. The convenience and effectiveness of the solution made going with AGILE an easy decision.”

Bob Henley, COO of AGILE goes into greater detail: “First, we built the backbone of this client’s network. Then we went to work migrating various applications to the cloud in a compliant manner, including Exchange and POP email, archiving, file backup and sharing, video conferencing and cloud servers with remote desktops to name a few. Our expert team manages everything, and it’s all backed by a 99.999% service level agreement. Since 2013, Intermedia has continually provided us with the quality solutions and support for this region.”

Since 2013, Intermedia has continually provided us with the quality solutions and support for this region.

Bob Henley,
COO, AGILE Data Sites

Products They Use

The Results

Not only does AGILE provide Cloud Exchange over its Private Cloud network to this client’s internal staff of 100+ employees, they also offer these same services to all the client’s participating fire districts. As a result, numerous districts are leveraging this buying power and cooperative cloud service under the contract with this client and AGILE.

“It’s been a really successful relationship. We don’t have to worry about the back end. Come to think of it, we don’t really have to think about our back office at all anymore. We get enhanced services, while knowing that our environment is being maintained in a reliable manner. AGILE and Intermedia have eliminated the fires within our IT systems, so we can better fight fires for our community,” concludes the IT Director.

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